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Welcome! I made this pages for you to get a look at my paintings. I am living in Bodø, Norway, and I have been painting for a few years already. My paintings have been shown in several exhibitions, both in Norway and abroad.

Just added some of my newest paintings! Have a look!

I also want to show you my knit designs. I make patterns for socks and gloves, in traditional two-colored stranded knitting. You can find patterns for some of my designs in Jorid's Pattern Shop.
Autumn 2009 I learned how to stitch! (Never too late.) Stitching is so fun, and now I can make table cloths, curtains and table runners... from my own drawings, of course. 
 I do not have my own gallery where I can show off my paintings, so I have to store my works under the stairs in our home :) But soon I will write a nice list of available works, and publish it here so people can see what's for sale.

Missing something? I just redesigned my site, and some of the old content had to go.